Uniden MHS450 Two-Way Radio User Manual

21Uniden MHS450 Radio Owner’s Manual
Your Uniden MHS450 comes equipped with a Lithium Ion
battery which snaps into the back of the radio and secures
with a latch. The battery has a minimal charge when shipped.
Before use, place the radio in the Charging Cradle and
charge the battery for four hours. Note that unlike some other
types of rechargeable batteries, a Lithium Ion battery can be
“topped-off” as needed with no degradation of performance.
Installing the Lithium Ion Battery Pack
To install the Lithium Ion Battery Pack, insert the
upper contacts on the lower edge of the battery area
on the radio back as shown in the rst illustration.
Lower the pack until it is at in the chamber
Bring the locking latch up and lock it into place to
secure the pack.
Using the Alkaline Battery Pack
The radio is supplied with a battery pack that can hold four
AAA type alkaline batteries (not supplied). For longest useful
life we suggest using an extra strength battery such as
Duracell Ultra
Note: When powering the radio by alkaline batteries,
transmit power is limited to a maximum of 2.5 watts.