Uniden FRS500 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Vibration Alert
Your FRS500 will alert you with a vibration when there is an incoming transmission.
You must be on the same channel and code setting as the party with whom you
are communicating.
To use the vibration alert:
1. Press and hold the ctcss/vibrate
button until the icon appears.
2. You will be alerted with a five second vibration when you receive an incoming call.
3. To turn off the vibration alert, press and hold the ctcss/vibrate button again until
the icon goes out.
Locking In Your Selection
To prevent the channel and code settings from accidentally being changed, you should
lock the buttons of your FRS radio. This will disable the , , ctcss/vibrate, and
scan buttons.
1. Press and hold the light/lock button
for two seconds to lock the buttons.
The icon appears on the display
indicating the buttons are locked.
2. Press and hold the light/lock button again for two seconds to unlock the buttons.
Or turn the radio off and then on again to unlock the buttons.
The call, on/off volume, PTT, MON, and light/lock buttons will not
be locked.
FRS500(166x125).qxd 7/25/00 18:20 Page 11