Uniden FRS500 Two-Way Radio User Manual

The LCD on your radio shows a battery meter
in the lower right corner. The icon
indicates a fully powered unit. As the batteries
become low, will flash.
When the batteries in the unit are low, the unit will go into a Battery Low/Sleep Mode. The
Scan Mode, Transmit, Transmit Call Tone Mode, CTCSS Tone Setting Mode, and Vibration
are disabled. Replace the batteries immediately to continue using the radio.
Because you will most likely use your radio when you are out and about, the unit comes
equipped with a belt clip to fasten the unit to your belt, pocket, or purse.
To remove the belt clip, turn the screws counterclockwise.
To attach the belt clip:
1. Insert the belt clip screws into the slot
on the belt clip.
2. Align the screws with the holes on the
back of the radio and turn them
clockwise, using a Phillips screwdriver to
secure the belt clip. Do not over-tighten.
Low Battery Alert
Belt Clip
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