Uniden FRS500 Two-Way Radio User Manual

(1) The notification to the Interference
Office, Arecibo Observatory shall be made
45 days prior to commencing operation of
the unit. The notification shall state the
geographical coordinates of the unit.
(2) After receipt of such notifications, the
Commission will allow the Arecibo
Observatory a period of 20 days for
comments or objections. The operator will
be required to make reasonable efforts in
order to resolve or mitigate any potential
interference problem with the Arecibo
Observatory. If the Commission
determines that an operator has satisfied
its responsibility to make reasonable efforts
to protect the Observatory from
interference, the unit may be allowed
to operate.
§95.193 (FRS Rule 3)
Types of communications.
(a) You may use an FRS unit to conduct
two-way voice communications with another
person. You may use the FRS unit to
transmit one-way communications only to
establish communications with another
person, send an emergency message, provide
traveler assistance, make a voice page, or to
conduct a brief test.
(b) The FRS unit may transmit tones to
make contact or to continue communications
with a particular FRS unit. If the tone is
audible (more than 300 Hertz), it must last
no longer than 15 seconds at one time. If the
tone is subaudible (300 Hertz or less), it may
be transmitted continuously only while you
are talking.
(c) You must not use an FRS unit in
connection with any activity which is against
federal, state or local law.
(d) You must, at all times and on all
channels, give priority to emergency
communication messages concerning the
immediate safety of life or the immediate
protection of property.
(e) No FRS unit may be interconnected to the
public switched network.
§95.194 (FRS Rule 4)
FRS units.
(a) You may only use an FCC certified FRS
unit. (You can identify an FCC certified FRS
unit by the label placed on it by the
(b) You must not make, or have made, any
internal modification to an FRS unit. Any
internal modification cancels the FCC
certification and voids your authority to
operate the unit in the FRS.
(c) You may not attach any antenna, power
amplifier, or other apparatus to an FRS unit
that has not been FCC certified as part of that
FRS unit. There are no exceptions to this
rule and attaching any such apparatus to a
FRS unit cancels the FCC certification and
voids everyone's authority to operate the unit
in the FRS.
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