Uniden FRS500 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Choosing a Channel and CTCSS
Your radio has 14 channels and a Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) that
you can use to talk to others. You can only communicate with radios that are set on the
same channel and CTCSS tone code. A CTCSS tone is subaudible and selectable from the
38 standard tone frequencies. You must select the same channel as your party selected.
To choose a channel for the FRS500:
Press the up or down button repeatedly
to select one of the 14 channels.
(The number on the LCD changes to
indicate that a new channel has
been selected.)
To choose a CTCSS code for the FRS500:
You may want to hear calls from specific persons in your group. The CTCSS code that you
enter allows you to block other calls and only receive from those who are using the same
channel and CTCSS code.
The BUSY icon and icon appear while receiving a transmission.
This feature does not cause your conversation to be private. Anyone else
on the channel will be able to listen. It only relieves you of listening to
unwanted conversations.
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