Uniden FRS500 Two-Way Radio User Manual

To get the most out of your new radio, read this reference guide completely before
attempting to operate the unit.
Turning the Radio On
1. Turn the on/off volume control
clockwise to turn the unit on.
2. Turn the control counterclockwise to turn the unit off.
Adjusting the Volume
1. Press the MON button to hear
background noise. The “BUSY” icon
and icon appear.
2. Turn the on/off volume control
clockwise to increase the volume and
counterclockwise to decrease the volume.
When you turn on your FRS500, the LCD backlight remains lit for
5 seconds.
Using Your Radio
You may need to adjust the volume again when audio is heard from
the speaker.
FRS500(166x125).qxd 7/25/00 18:20 Page 6