Uniden FRS500 Two-Way Radio User Manual

No power • Reposition or replace batteries.
Message not • Make sure the PTT button is completely pressed
transmitted as you transmit.
• Reposition or replace batteries.
Message not received • Confirm radios have the same channel and CTCSS
code setting.
• Make sure PTT is not inadvertently being pressed.
• Reposition or replace batteries.
• Obstructions, operating indoors, or in vehicles may
interfere with communication. Change your
• Check to make sure the volume is turned up.
Hearing other • Confirm CTCSS code is set.
conversations or • Shared channel or CTCSS may be in use.
noise on a channel Try another channel.
Limited talk range • Street/concrete structures, heavy foliage, and use
in buildings and in vehicles will decrease the range.
Check for clear line of sight to improve
• Wearing the radio close to the body, such as in
pocket or on a belt will decrease range. Change
the location of radio.
Heavy static or • Radios are too close. Radios must be at least 5 feet
interference apart. Increase your distance.
• Radios are too far apart.
Obstacles interfere with transmission. Talk range is
up to 2 miles in clear, unobstructed conditions.
Problem Solution
If after trying these simple steps your unit still does not function properly, call Uniden
Customer Service at (800)297-1023 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time.
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