Uniden BC9000XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

If your BC9000XLT is not performing properly, try the steps listed below.
Scanner won’t work.
Check the connections at both ends of
the AC Adapter.
Turn on the wall switch of your room.
You could be using an outlet controlled
by the wall switch. Move the AC
Adapter to another wall outlet.
Make sure the power switch is turned on.
Poor reception.
Check the antenna and its connection.
You may be in a fringe area. This may
require an optional multi-band antenna.
Check with your dealer or local
electronics store.
Scan won’t stop.
Adjust the Squelch Control.
Check the antenna connection.
It is possible that none of the
programmed channels are active at the
time. Try the band search.
Scan won’t start.
Press the bank key again.
Make sure there are some
programmed channels.
Adjust the Squelch Control.
Search won’t start.
Adjust the Squelch Control.
Scanner won’t allow any program
Check the Enter Lock feature.
Can’t program channel with alpha
Alpha character programming is
available on channels 1 - 250. Make
sure the channel is within that range.
If you still cannot get satisfactory results and want additional information,
or to return the unit for service, please call Uniden Customer Service at