Uniden BC9000XLT Two-Way Radio User Manual

The BC9000XLT is a sophisticated information radio with automatic
scanning capabilities. You can use it at home as a base unit, or install in
your vehicle as a mobile unit.
The BC9000XLT can store frequencies such as, police, fire/emergency,
marine, air, weather, and other broadcasts into 20 banks of 25 channels
each. The new Rotary Tuner feature enables rapid and easy selection of
channels and frequencies. And with AUTO STORE, you can
automatically program any channel.
With the BC9000XLT, you can scan all 500 channels with Turbo Scan. In
the Search Mode, you can choose super fast Turbo Search. In addition,
the BC9000XLT has AUTO SORT – an automatic frequency sorting
feature for faster scanning within each bank.
Types of Communication
You will be able to monitor communication such as:
Police and fire department (including paramedics)
NOAA weather broadcasts
Business/industrial radio
Motion picture and press relay
Land transportation frequencies, such as trucking firms, buses,
taxis, tow trucks, and railroads
Marine and amateur (ham radio) bands
Air band
Public Service 800 MHz band
And many more in the 25-1300 MHz range. (Note: Cellular telephone
frequencies cannot be received.)
Where to Obtain More Information
The Bearcat Radio Club and other similar hobby clubs have publications,
information on computer bulletin boards, and even contests for the radio
enthusiast. See the enclosed pamphlets for more information. Additional
information is also available through your local library.