Sony DVP-NS700V Conference Phone User Manual

If your AV amplifier (receiver) has 5.1 channel inputs, use .
If you want to use the Dolby Digital, MPEG audio, or DTS decoder function on your AV
amplifier (receiver), connect to its digital jack using . With the following connections, you
can enjoy a more realistic audio presence in the comfort of your own home.
: Connecting to the 5.1ch input jacks
You can enjoy 5.1ch surround sound using the internal Dolby Digital, MPEG audio, DTS, or
SACD Multi decoder of this player. You can also enjoy Dolby Surround (Pro Logic) sounds, or
surround sounds using various SURROUND modes (page 56).
xRecommended surround sound effects for this connection
When 6 speakers are connected. (Set SURROUND to OFF.)
Dolby Digital (5.1ch) (page 89)
DTS (5.1ch) (page 89)
SACD Multi channel (page 89)
MPEG audio (5.1ch) (page 89)
: Connecting to a digital jack
This connection will allow you to use the Dolby Digital, MPEG audio, or DTS decoder function
of your AV amplifier (receiver). You are not able to enjoy the surround sound effects of the
xRecommended surround sound effects using this connection with your
amplifier (receiver)
Dolby Digital (5.1ch) (page 89)
DTS (5.1ch) (page 89)
MPEG audio (5.1ch) (page 89)
96kHz/24bit PCM
After you have completed the connection, be sure to set DOLBY DIGITAL to DOLBY DIGITAL (page 28)
and DTS to DTS (page 28). If your AV amplifier (receiver) has a MPEG decoder function, set MPEG to
MPEG (page 80). Otherwise, no sound or a loud noise will come from the speakers.
When you connect an amplifier (receiver) that conforms to the 96kHz sampling frequency, set 48kHz/96kHz
PCM to 96kHz/24bit (page 80).
SACD audio signals are not output from the digital jack.
Connecting to an AV amplifier (having 5.1ch input jacks or a digital input
jack) and 4 to 6 speakers