RCA 25202RE3 Conference Phone User Manual

Other Information
Display Messages
The following special messages indicate the status of a message or the unit:
NO CALLS The CID memory log is empty.
UNKNOWN CALLER The incoming call does not have CID service or their service area is
not linked to yours. If UNKNOWN CALLER appears along with a
calling number, the name information for that number was not
BLOCKED CALL The caller is registered as “Private Number” and their CID
information is withheld.
INCOMPLETE DATA Caller information has been interrupted or corrupted during
NO DATA No CID signal has been detected, or CID service has not been
START/END You are at the beginning or the end of the CID memory log.
Battery power level is low or battery is not installed.
Troubleshooting Guide
No dial tone
Check or repeat installation steps:
Make sure the telephone line cords are connected to the phone and the wall jack .
Make sure the cords are not damaged .
Make sure the hook switch pops up when the handset is lifted .
Check the SPEAKER button. Is the indicator off?
Disconnect the phone from the wall jack and connect another phone to the
same jack. If there is no dial tone in the second phone, the problem might be
your wiring or local service.