RCA 25202RE3 Conference Phone User Manual

Caller ID
Reviewing CID Records
•Press the REVIEW or to scroll the call records.
NOTE: When you scroll to the start/end of the list, START /END appears in the display.
Saving CID Records to Memory/Phone Directory Memory
1. While a name and telephone number shows in the display, press SELECT if you want to
edit the information. Then follow the steps in the Storing a Name and Number in
Memory section to edit and store the record.
2. If you do not need to edit the name or number, press the STORE button followed by
the MEMORY button, or press the DIRECTORY button to save the information in the
Phone Directory memory.
Deleting a CID Record
To delete the record showing in the display, press the DELETE button once.
Deleting All CID Records
This feature allows you to clear all CID records at once.
1. While viewing the CID record, press and hold the DELETE button for two seconds.
DELETE ALL? shows in the display.
2. Press the DELETE button again to confirm.
Dialing Back
When reviewing CID records, you can dial back the numbers showing on the display.
If You Programmed Your Local Area Code in the Setup Menu
1. Press the REVIEW or button to scroll to the number you want to dial.
2. Press the DIAL button. If you see a number with 7 digits (i.e. 555-1234), then the call
was received from within your area code. However, this does not guarantee the call is
a local call. If you see a number with 11 digits (i.e. 1-234-555-1234), then the call
received was not from your area code. If the viewing number is not a Direct Dial
Number provided by the phone company, the unit displays  TO ADJUST.