RCA 25202RE3 Conference Phone User Manual

Telephone Operation
Pre-Dialing Telephone Numbers
Pre-dialing lets you to enter , check , and edit a telephone number before engaging the
line. There are several ways to pre-dial a telephone number:
Manually enter the telephone number, or
• Press one of the 16 memory location buttons, or
Press DIRECTORY, followed by the REVIEW or button to search the phone book
Press the REVIEW or buttons to scroll the CID memory, or
Press the REDIAL button.
Then -
1. Press the DIAL button. The phone automatically selects a line and turns on the
2. Dial the number showing in the display.
Call Timer
During a phone conversation, a built-in call timer displays the length of the call in
minutes and seconds. When the call is finished, total time shows in the display for about
10 seconds. A call is timed even while it is on hold.
To have a private, off-line conversation, use the MUTE feature. The party on the telephone
line cannot hear you. A conversation can be muted during speakerphone, handset, or
headset use.
1. Press MUTE. The mute indicator turns on.
2. Press MUTE to cancel and return to your phone conversation
NOTE: Switching from speakerphone to handset or headset cancels mute.