RCA 25202RE3 Conference Phone User Manual

Telephone Operation
Ringer Volume
While the handset is on the cradle tap the VOLUME or button to increase or
decrease the ringer loudness. The phone generates a sample ring at the selected setting.
Speakerphone, Handset, and Headset Volume
While using the phone press the VOLUME or buttons to set the volume to a
comfortable level The phone stores the setting when you release the button.
This feature lets you connect two calls to make a conference call.
To connect with two calls:
1. Press any line button. If you already have someone on the line, skip to step 2.
2. Press HOLD.
3. Press the another line button to answer or make a second call
4. When the second call connects, press CONFER.
To disconnect one line, press the line button for the party you want to continue talking
with and the other party is automatically disconnected.
To disconnect both lines, hang up the handset or press SPEAKER if you are using the
speakerphone or press HEADSET if you are using the headset.
To keep both parties on-line but talk to one party:
1. Press the HOLD button to place both lines on hold.
2. To talk with one caller, press the corresponding line button. The other line
remains on hold.
3. To resume the conference call with both lines, press CONFER.
Do Not Disturb
This feature disables an incoming call ring, within the time duration you selected. You can
program the do not disturb duration.
1. While the handset is on the cradle, press DND button. The DND indicator flashes.