RCA 25202RE3 Conference Phone User Manual

Connections and Setup
Data Port
This phone has a DATA PORT jack to connect an auxiliary phone device,
such as a fax machine, computer modem, answering machine, or even a
cordless phone.
The DATA PORT switch on the back of the phone controls the DATA
PORT jack so you can choose line 1 or line 2.
Use the DATA PORT jack to hook up your fax machine, for example, and
then set the DATA PORT switch to 2 in order to receive faxes on the
phone number for line 2.
If you are talking to someone on line 2 and want them to fax
something to you, change the DATA PORT switch to 1 and give him the
phone number for line 1. Your fax machine can now receive calls on
line 1.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to switch the fax machine back to the normal line when you
are done because outside callers who do not know that you have multiple lines will
not be able to reach your fax machine if they dial the normal fax line.