RCA 25202RE3 Conference Phone User Manual

Telephone Operation
Placing a Call on Hold
1. Press HOLD. The indicator for the line on hold flashes green.
2. Hang up or press another line button.
Releasing a Call from Hold
Press the line button for the call on hold. The phone automatically goes into
speakerphone mode.
NOTE: If you want to change modes, lift the handset to switch to the handset, or press the HEADSET
button to use the headset.
Use the FLASH button to activate custom calling services such as Call Waiting, which is
available through your local telephone company.
To quickly redial the last number you dialed (up to 32 digits):
1. Pick up the handset, or press SPEAKER or HEADSET.
2. The line is selected automatically.
3. Wait for a dial tone.
4. Press REDIAL.
The ringer, speaker, and handset/headset volumes can be set independently. Your
telephone is preset but may be set to individual taste. To return to the default settings,
press both the VOLUME or buttons simultaneously.