Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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12.Small Segment Display: Displays the CTCSS tone option for each
main channel from 01-38.
13.Dual Watch Mode Indicator: Indicator appears when dual watch
mode is active.
14.Voice Activated Transmission (VOX) Indicator: This function
allows hands free conversation. The indicator appears when the
VOX mode is activated.
Equipment and Accessories Supplied
1. Radio (2) GMRS8000-2CH
2. Owner’s Manual 128-7031
3. Desktop Charger GMRS8DS
4. AC Wall Adapter GMRS8AC
5. Rechargeable (NiMH) Batteries (10) GMRS8BAT
6. Earbud with Remote PTT Button GMRSBHST8
Powering the transceiver:
Your GMRS8000-2CH radio transceiver operates on five AAA Alkaline
batteries. Alkaline batteries will provide slightly better performance than
rechargeable batteries (purchased separately). Only Audiovox approved
rechargeable batteries should be recharged in the radio transceiver using
the charging accessories. This will ensure optimum performance for the
GMRS8000-2CH. Battery charging time is typically 16 - 20 hours. Use of
the Audiovox charging equipment with other brands of rechargeable
batteries is not recommended as battery charging times will vary. Refer to
the manufacturer’s instructions for charging other brands of batteries.
There are three methods of powering the GMRS8000-2CH:
1.Alkaline Batteries.
WARNING: Do not attempt to recharge Alkaline batteries.
2.Audiovox Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries - (Rechargeable NiMH
batteries and Charging Adapter included). Use only Audiovox
approved rechargeable batteries and charging equipment when
charging batteries internal to the unit.