Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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- Release PTT Button (4) to receive.
- Communication can only be accomplished when the channel and
CTCSS tone frequency of at least two parties are the same.
- The CTCSS small segment display will appear next to the main
frequency channel on the display if the CTCSS tone frequency
function is enabled.
Channel Selection
In order to communicate with other GMRS units, both transmitting and
receiving party must be on the same frequency. The GMRS8000-2CH has
22 channels (frequencies) indicated by the large digits on the LCD dis-
play panel. Channels 1 through 7 are the shared GMRS/FRS chan-
nels. Channels 8-14 are FRS only channels, while channels 15-22 are
assigned GMRS only channels. If an FRS only channel (8-14) has
been selected, the HI or LO indicator will not be displayed on the LCD
panel; otherwise, for channels 1-7 (GMRS/FRS) and 15-22 (GMRS
only), the HI or LO indicator will be displayed. Communication with
Audiovox FRS and compatible units is possible on the shared and FRS
only channels. Before transmitting on the selected channel, press the
Monitor (M) Button (2) to check the activity on that channel. If there is activity
on the selected channel, change to another channel that is clear.
To change the channel:
- From GMRS/FRS standby mode, press the MODE button (12) once
or until the channel number flashes.
- Press the Up Button (10) briefly to move to the next higher main
channel number.
- Press the Down Button (11) briefly to move to the next lower main
channel number.
- Press the PTT button momentarily to confirm selection.
CTCSS Mode (Sub-Channel) Selection
The Coded Tone Controlled Squelch System (CTCSS) provides 38 Sub-Fre-
quencies. This feature allows you to utilize the coded squelch tones (01–
38) within a main channel, and enables you to communicate with another