Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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party on the same main channel using the same subcode. (This filters out
unwanted transmissions without the same coded squelch tone). There
are 38 CTCSS Sub-channels for each main channel. A different subcode
may be selected for each of the 22 channels.
To change the CTCSS Sub-channel:
- From GMRS/FRS standby mode, press the MODE Button twice; a
flashing oF or sub-channel number is displayed. If oF is displayed,
press the Up or Down button to enable the CTCSS mode.
- Then press the Up or Down button to select the desired sub-channel
for use (01-38).
- Press the PTT button momentarily to confirm selection.
The CTCSS mode can be turned off by selecting the oF icon as the setting.
NOTE: To communicate with other GMRS/FRS units, they must be
switched to the same channel and CTCSS subcode. To commu-
nicate with other GMRS/FRS units that do not have subcodes,
switch your unit to the same channel with the subcode set to oF.
The CTCSS subcodes do not prevent others from hearing your
transmission. This will only allow you to ignore all traffic on a
given channel not using the same subcode.
Transmit Power Selection Mode
This feature permits selection of the transmitting power level to high
or low. When operating on FRS only channels (8-15), no power selec-
tion is possible or is displayed. Using low power, the unit will have a
lower transmit range, but battery life will be increased.
To access the transmitter power selection function:
- From GMRS/FRS standby mode (shared channels 1-7 or GMRS only
channel (15-22) selected), press the MODE Button three times until
the power HI or Lo indication appears with a flashing Po indication
on the display.
- Press the Up or Down button to toggle between the High and Low se-
- Press the PTT button momentarily to confirm selection.