Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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VOX Sensitivity Level Selection
This selection enables you to set the sensitivity level to compensate for
ambient noise in your immediate area. A VOX sensitivity of 3 is the most
sensitive, and should be used in a relatively quiet surrounding. A VOX
sensitivity of 1 is the least sensitive and should be used in a noisy sur-
To set the VOX sensitivity level:
- Press the MODE button 4 times (3 times for FRS) until the V
O icon
appears on the display accompanied by the flashing VOX icon and the
numeral 1, 2 or 3.
- Press the Up or Down button to select the 1-3 VOX level sensitivity.
- Press the PTT button momentarily to confirm the VOX selection.
- The VOX icon will disappear from the display unless VOX mode is
Dual Watch Mode
This feature allows you to monitor two channels at the same time. While in
dual watch mode, the unit will continuously monitor both the primary and
dual watch channel. Received signals will be played for 5 seconds, then
the unit will resume scanning the two channels. Pressing the PTT button
during a received transmission will set the unit to transmit on the same
channel. Pressing the PTT button when no signal is received will set the
unit to transmit on the primary channel.
To set the Dual Watch Mode:
- From GMRS/FRS standby mode, press the MODE button 5 times (4
times for FRS); DW appears flashing on the display. If the dual watch
mode is off, the oF icon will also appear flashing.
- To enable the dual watch mode, press the Up or Down button; the dual
watch channel number will flash and start to increase or decrease as
the Up or Down button is pressed.
- To select a subcode for the dual watch channel, press the MODE
button while the selected dual watch channel is flashing. Then use the
Up and Down buttons to select the desired CTCSS subcode.