Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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1 . The GMRS8000-2CH 22 channels are shared on a ‘take turns’ basis.
This means other groups may be talking on any of the channels.
A common code of ethics/courtesy is to switch to another vacant
channel and not to attempt to talk over someone who is already using
the channel you first selected.
2. The GMRS8000-2CH has been designed to maximize performance
and improve transmission range in the field. To avoid interference,
it is recommended that you do not use the units closer than 5 feet
3. For best transmission results, always keep your mouth about 2-3
inches from the microphone (9) and speak slowly in a normal voice.
4. To increase battery life, avoid features such as Scan and Dual
Watch. These features will reduce operating time considerably.
Do not operate the transceiver unless you are licensed to do so.
Remove the batteries from the transceiver if it is not expected to be used
for long periods. This will eliminate the possibility of chemicals leaking
from the batteries and corroding the transceiver.
Avoid exposing the transceiver to water or extremes of temperature.
Do not use this device in or near a mining facility, which uses remotely
triggered explosives or in areas labeled “Blasting Area”. Premature or
accidental detonation may result.
Do not attempt to modify or in any way increase the output of this
transceiver. Its output is designed to meet the legal limits set by the FCC.
Do not use this device or change its batteries in potentially explosive
atmospheres as sparks in such areas could result in an explosion.
Turn your transceiver off wherever posted notices restrict the use of radios
or cellular telephones. Facilities such as hospitals may use equipment
that is sensitive to RF energy.