Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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volume. The display will indicate the current volume level between 1 and 7
by the small number in the icon ( UL
Monitor/Display Backlight Button (2)
This button is used to check activity on the current frequency before
transmitting. Check activity by pressing the Monitor (M) Button longer
than 2 seconds; the
icon will apppear on the display and you will
hear static if frequency is clear.
Do not transmit if you hear conversation.
Hold down the Monitor Button again longer than 2 seconds and the
icon will disapppear from the display.
The monitor function will temporarily bypass the squelch setting and play
all signals on a given channel. This feature is useful when communicating
with other parties at extreme range.
By pressing the monitor button momentarily, the LCD backlight is turned
on accompanied by a beep tone (if enabled); the LCD backlight will turn off
automatically in about 5 seconds, or when the monitor button is pressed
momentarily once again.
Push To Talk (PTT) Button (4)
Pressing and holding this button will allow you to speak to any transceiver
that is set to the same channel and privacy code setting as yours. Hold the
transceiver approximately 1 to 2 inches from your face as you speak into
the built in microphone (9). After you have finished speaking, release the
PTT Button to allow reception of incoming signals. It is not possible to
transmit and receive at the same time. The Transmit Signal Level indicator
) will display the relative strength of the transmitted signal. When
receiving an incoming signal, the BUSY icon will appear in the upper right
quadrant of the display. The PTT button can also be used as a two-way call
ringer. Pressing the button twice quickly will call another party on the same
Up Channel/Volume Button (10)
In the standby mode, pressing this button will increase the listening volume.
When in function edit mode this button will be used to adjust the unit’s