Audiovox GMRS8000-2CH Two-Way Radio User Manual

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To change the channel:
- Press the Up Button (10) briefly to move to the next higher
main channel number.
- Press the Down Button (11) briefly to move to the next lower main
channel number.
NOTE: When the weather band operation mode is entered the transceiver
will bypass the squelch setting and open the channel.
Weather Alert Mode
The weather alert mode notifies the user of unusual weather situations
when the radio is operating in the GMRS/FRS mode.
To access the weather alert function:
- From Weather Band standby mode, press the MODE button once to
access the weather channels as instructed above, and use the Up
or Down Button to select the desired channel.
- Momentarily press the MODE button again to access the weather alert
function; the weather icon (
) and AL on or oF appear flashing on
the display.
- Use the Up or Down buttons to enable (on)/disable (oF) the alert
function. The weather icon will stop blinking on the display in the
GMRS mode when the alert is disabled.
- Press the PTT Button to confirm your selection.
- Press and hold the MODE button for at least 2 seconds to exit the
weather function.
NOTE: When the unit is the GMRS/FRS or Weather Band mode, if a
weather alert signal is received, the unit will generate a warn-
ing tone.
Battery Alert
When the battery icon is empty ( ) and flashing on the display, re-
charge unit or install fresh batteries.