AT&T BCM50 IP Phone User Manual

AT&T IP Flexible Reach Service
Nortel BCM50 Release 3.0 SIP Configuration Guide
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Company location
Administrator name and phone number
IP PBX name and software version
Customer Configuration Guide – Issue number and date
1.3 Trouble Reporting
Nortel and AT&T will make every effort to quickly resolve reported troubles. The
time required for trouble shooting can be reduced if the customer has the
necessary detailed information available when reporting a problem. Prior to
reporting a problem please provide a Wireshark or TCPDUMP trace of the failed
1.4 Document Feedback
IP PBX administrators who would like to provide feedback on the contents of this
document should send it to Brian Stegemoller (
with a copy to Al Chee ( and Steven Chen
1.5 Document Change History
Issue 0.0 October 12, 2007; draft
Issue 0.1 November 12, 2007; draft
Edited Section 3: removed softphone support, added fax
support, added new screenshot for software version,
added sub-sections for Section 1
Issue 0.2 November 20, 2007;
Edited screenshots in Section 3 w/ updated patch list
Issue 0.3 November 27, 2007;
Edited fax configuration procedures (ATA device
Issue 0.4 November 29, 2007;
Added Special Notes section (received from Jim Amster)
Issue 0.5 December 5, 2007;
Added “SIP” after “BCM50 Release 3.0”, added contact
info in Section 1, explanation for software release in 4.1
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