AT&T BCM50 IP Phone User Manual

AT&T IP Flexible Reach Service
Nortel BCM50 Release 3.0 SIP Configuration Guide
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1 Introduction
This document provides a configuration guide to assist Nortel Networks BCM50
administrators in connecting to AT&T IP Flexible Reach service via SIP trunks.
This document does not describe procedures to configure the BCM50
for advanced functionality. For more information and procedures,
please refer to the Nortel technical documentation found on the Nortel
1.1 Pre-IP PBX Configuration Activity
This guide assumes that the administrator is knowledgeable in IP PBX
programming and operations.
An important tool that the administrators should have at their disposal prior to
testing their IP PBX with IP Flexible Reach is a network protocol analyzer. Such
software can be used to run traces on problem calls so the information can be
shared with equipment and network engineers. There is a free version of such
software that can be obtained at
A second alternative that customers may use is TCPDUMP which can be found
on most UNIX and Linux systems. To use this software the customer should have
Wireshark or TCPDUMP loaded on a server that is connected to a LAN switch or
hub that can monitor both the signaling and media packets on any calls between
the customer PBX and the IP Flexible Reach managed router. Please note,
however, that AT&T does not offer, warrant, or support this software, and any
use of the Wireshark or TCPDUMP software is entirely at the customer’s own risk.
1.2 Customer Questions
Section 4 of this guide provides screen shots and instructions for the
configuration of your IP PBX. Should you have questions regarding these
instructions, please contact Brian Stegemoller at +1 (972) 685-6629. When
calling this number please have the following information available:
Company name
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