3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 5
CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor
Controls and
*The first push of either of this pair of buttons displays the current value for five seconds; another push during that time increases or decreases
the displayed value. Holding the button down for 1 second engages auto-repeat.
SYSTEM MUTE turns off all outputs and lights both SYSTEM and EFFECT
MUTE LEDs. Pushing EFFECT MUTE while in system- mute mode turns
the effects alone back on.
EFFECT MUTE alternately turns off and on all signals added by the CP-1.
Use it to compare the sound with and without CP-1 processing. In TEST
mode EFFECT MUTE clears all user memories. (See page 19.)
VOLUME: UP and DOWN adjust the level of all channels simultaneously.
It assumes the function of the volume control on your preamp or receiver.
BALANCE: F and B adjust the levels of the rear speakers relative to the
sides and fronts.
BALANCE: L and R adjust the left/right balance of all speakers: front, sides
and rear. It assumes the function of the balance control on your preamp or
EFFECT: UP and DOWN adjust the level of all signals added by the CP-1.
The three PARAMETER buttons allow selection and adjustment of variable
parameters within each program. Pushing PARAM displays the current
parameter for five seconds; pushing it again before the display changes
selects the next parameter. Pressing PARAM UP or DOWN will display and
adjust the current parameter, whether or not PARAM has been pushed. A
single push changes the parameter by one unit; holding the button for more
than one second causes the values to change rapidly in an auto-repeat mode.
PARAM can also put the CP-1 into TEST mode. (See page 19.)
The SURROUND programs work with film sound tracks to recreate the
theater experience. MONOLOGIC (10) expands the music and effects on
monaural films into the additional channels while leaving the dialog in the
front center. STEREO LOGIC (11) enhances music with surround speakers
and also allows the listener to adjust certain parameters for film sound that
are fixed in Program 12. PRO LOGIC (12) provides the same decoding used
in Dolby Stereo theater systems, using up to eight speakers for front, center,
side, rear and subwoofer channels.
The BANK button switches between the 12 factory-preset programs and 12
user registers where customized programs may be stored. The program
number doesn't change: if you are using Preset program 9, BANK switches
to User program 9 and vice-versa. Holding BANK for a few seconds puts
the CP-1 into Configuration mode, in which the three Parameter buttons
adjust the LCD contrast and select one of the 12 speaker setups illustrated
on page 13.