3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 15
CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor
Set-Up and
If your center channel speaker is smaller than the left and right fronts,
increasing BASS BLEND will remove low bass from the center and increase
it in the left and right speakers. The center channel is so important that if it
is not possible to have an extra center speaker it is frequently better to plug
the center output of the CP-1 into the audio input of your video monitor and
use its built-in speaker (if it has one) than it is to run the dialog through the
main loudspeakers.
If the system will have a direct view (as opposed to projection) television,
a shielded speaker must be used to prevent interference with the picture.
Only one speaker should be used, as using two speakers to reproduce a
mono signal may cause loss of intelligiblity through inter-speaker interfer-
ence (comb filtering).
The center speaker should be placed as close to the TV as possible, and as
close to the horizontal axis of the main speaker's tweeters as possible. Side
speakers should be at the sides, or a little forward, of the listening position.
If the system is for music only (no film), the sides can be as far as 20 degrees
behind the listener. For film use, they should be slightly ahead of the
listener. Place the sides at, or slightly above, ear level. Ceiling placement is
not recommended, as this will reduce the stereo separation and will be quite
strange for film, where Pro Logic sends the same information to the sides
and fronts. The rears should be separated as much as possible and kept
away from the listener. Here, ceiling mounts are acceptable, as is mounting
hig (or in) the rear or back side walls.
The best set-up for those who like both music and films is Configuration 10.
The addition of side speakers allows all forms of source material to be
palyed without compromise.
The button on the back of the CP-1 labeled CENTER OUT/PHANTOM
IN is very important in the operation of the Surround programs. Make
sure the button is out if you have a center speaker and in if you have none.
With the button in (Phantom Mode) the center channel is mixed in with
the two main outputs; the side outputs carry the Left and Right signals;
the center channel is turned off.