3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 23
CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor
The Programs:
ROLLOFF mimics the absorption of the air in the hall and its initial value is
therefore more pronounced (the rolloff begins at a lower frequency) the
larger the space.
PANORAMA EFFECT adjusts the strength of the signal used to expand the
stereo image outward from the front two speakers. It is only needed when
side speakers are absent.
Panorama Effect
LISTENER POS compensates for the relative distance of the two main
speakers from the prime listening area. It should be set for the value arrived
at in the Panorama set-up procedure on page 11.
Listener Position
SPEAKER ANGLE compensates for differing distances between your front
speakers. It affects only the Panorama Effect and is only needed when side
speakers are absent. The Speaker Angle can be set to the value reached in
the setup procedure on page 11, but the program may also work well at
lower values.
The image expansion will be strongest at the one location in the room for
which the program has been calibrated (See page 10). It will diminish
somewhat as you move forward or back from that location and more rapidly
as you move from side to side.
Speaker Angle
The Speech Detection circuit distinguishes monaural speech from other
inputs. Whenever stereo signals are present, the right and left input chan-
nels are used independently as inputs to the ambience synthesis. If there is
a strong monaural speaking voice present at the same time, this component
of the input is reduced while the stereo component is increased. If the input
signal is pure monaural speech the input is almost entirely attenuated.
SPEECH DETECTION is a real benefit to some popular music (where
spoken voice, such as rap, occurs along with music), stereo television, and
early stereo movies. Any stereo material which was not carefully mixed for
Surround is a good candidate for playing through Ambience with SPEECH
Speech Detection
The procedures for naming a new version of the program (SET PROGRAM
NAME) and storing it in one of the User registers (MEMORIZE PROGRAM)
are described on page 29.
Set Program Name/
Memorize Program