3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 31
CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor
If you encounter a problem, please review the items in the following
checklist. Also be sure to thoroughly check all other connected components
such as speakers, receiver/amplifier/preamp, VCR, TV, CD player, etc.
Problem Possible Cause and Solution
Input level meters not functioning Make sure INPUT LEVEL on the CP-1 front panel is turned up.
Check the connections on the rear and make sure signal is going
into the CP-1. Check SOURCE and MONITOR switches and try
toggling them in and out.
Make sure that the correct input is selected and that only one input
button is depressed.
Remote control not working Check the batteries and make sure that they are inserted correctly
with proper polarity. Make sure that the infrared receiver on the
CP-1 front panel above the POWER switch is not obstructed. If the
remote control unit is still not functioning, RESTORE DEFAULTS
as described below.
No audio Check input and output connections. They may be reversed
relative to the IN and OUT jacks of your receiver/amplifier/
preamp or other source.
Erratic behavior Power turn-on with large power amps may cause power sags that
will confuse the CP-1. To prevent this, plug the CP-1 into an AC
outlet on a different branch circuit, or turn on one amplifier at a
No output First verify that signal is coming into the CP-1 by observing the
Input Level meters. Increase VOLUME using the Remote Control
and check the Front/Back and Left/Right balances.
Make sure that the rear panel Output Level controls are turned up.
Check the CP-1 mute controls to make sure they are not engaged.
Check all other equipment settings and connections and verify
that the amplifier(s) being fed by the CP-1 are operational.
Display irregularities Adjust the contrast (relative brightness) of the display using the
procedure described on the Quick Reference Guide, and on Page
13 of the Owner's Manual. If the display is showing strange
characters, RESTORE DEFAULTS as describet the end of this
Center channel only plays Check to see if your HiFi VCR has dropped out of tracking —
Your VCR Stereo/Mono/L-R switch may be in the wrong posi-
tion — set it to stereo.