3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

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If your main interest is music, you will most likely begin with two high-
quality main speakers (Configuration 1). Here the Panorama program
alone will add substantial enhancement in spatial impression, image size,
image depth and freedom from coloration of central sources.
The audiophile’s first addition should be two side channels (Configuration
5) and, after that, two rear channels (Configuration 9). For maximum effect
with the Reverberation programs, two additional speakers can be placed in
the front corners of the room, driven from the rear amplifiers. The side
speakers, however, are the most important.
With Configuration 5, movies can be played with the Pro Logic program;
the rear-channel sound will automatically be routed to the side speakers. If
you have six speakers (Configuration 9) an additional stereo amplifier can
power both a center channel and a subwoofer.
The height of the extra speakers will depend on the furnishings in the room.
In real halls much of the reflected energy comes from above, and placing the
side and rear speakers above the listener can be very effective. They also
work well on normal speaker stands. Placing the speakers too high in a
narrow room may reduce the spaciousness, since this makes the sound
come from the ceiling instead of the side walls.
For Music
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