3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 12
go on to step 6; otherwise, perform step 5.
5. Push PARAM twice so the display reads: SPEAKER ANGLE. If the sweet
spot from step 2 (LEFT ONLY) is to the left of the sweet spot from step
4 (Right ONLY), push PARAM UP once. If the the step 2 sweet spot is to
the right of the step 4 sweet spot, push PARAM DOWN. Push PARAM
to return to CALIBRATE RIGHT ONLY and go back to step 2.
6. Adjust your chair so the single sweet spot is in the center, or use PARAM
to get to LISTENER POS and adjust this parameter to move the sweet
spot to where you want it. Use PARAM to step to CALIBRATE and push
PARAM DOWN until the calibration signal goes off.
The Panorama Program is now calibrated. To store it, see page 27. Use
PARAM to display the final values of LISTENER POS and SPEAKER
ANGLE. Note these values and use them for all forms of Panorama,
including the Panorama subsections of AMBIENCE and REVERB.
Push PARAM UP again for RIGHT
ONLY. If your left ear is in the silent
band, the speaker angle is correct.
Repeat for the right side.
If the two silent bands are too close,
raise SPEAKER ANGLE; if too far
apart, lower SPEAKER ANGLE.
To store, see page 29.