3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Page 19
CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor
To Load, Modify and
Store Programs
Using the
The CP-1 contains four basic programs: Panorama, Ambience, Reverb and
Surround. Each program has three variations which occupy one row on the
remote control.
Pushing one of the buttons numbered 1 through 12 during normal opera-
tion will load that program. Whenever the CP-1 is turned on, it will load the
program that was running when it was turned off.
Each program has a number of parameters that you can vary with the three
PARAMETER keys. The parameters for each program are listed in the
section on individual programs. The PARAM key displays the current
parameter and its value for about five seconds. If PARAM is pushed during
this period it will select the next parameter. Pushing the PARAM UP or
DOWN keys at any time will display and change the parameter’s value in
the direction you have selected.
The CP-1 contains a total of 24 program registers organized into two banks
of 12 each. Each of the 12 program buttons, therefore, will load one of the
factory presets or one of the 12 user registers, depending on which bank is
currently in use. The factory preset programs are denoted by: PRESET in the
upper left of the display, with the program number beneath. The program
title appears in the right half of the display, with the basic program name
above and the variation below. The BANK button switches between
whichever of the 12 PRESET variations is running and the corresponding
USER register or vice-versa. For example, if you are running USER 7,
pressing BANK will switch to PRESET 7.
When the CP-1 leaves the factory each User register contains a duplicate of
the Preset program of the same number. If you maintain this arrangement,
the labels on the remote will continue to describe the contents of both
registers. You can, however, store a version of any program in any of the
User registers.
The CP-1’s User registers can be cleared and reloaded with duplicates of the
factory Preset programs at any time. Press and hold the PARAM key while
you turn the CP-1 on; continue to hold down PARAM for 5 seconds. This
puts the unit into TEST mode. Push EFFECT MUTE to clear and reload the
User registers and to restore all initial settings of Volume, Balance, Contrast,
Configuration, etc. The display will read: RESTORE DEFAULTS. Push
PARAM again to begin normal operation.
While running a Preset program you can change any of its parameters to see
how they affect the sound. These changes will be lost when you turn the CP-
1 off or change programs, unless you explicitly store the changes. (See page
27.)Changes made in the value of parameters within a User program,
however, are stored with that program immediately and automatically.
This includes settings of EFFECT LEVEL and FRONT/REAR BALANCE
but not of the LEFT/RIGHT BALANCE or VOLUME controls. You do not
have to perform any specific storage routine to create a new variation in a
User register; it happens whenever you change a parameter.
Test Mode
To load a program:
1. Push BANK to select
2. Push a program # to load.
3. Changes to PARAM, EFFECT
automatically in USER Bank.
4. To store changes for a PRESET
Bank program, see page 27.