3Com CP-1 Two-Way Radio User Manual

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CP-1 Digital Audio Environment Processor
All of the programs in the Lexicon CP-1 Digital Audio Environment
Processor have a common goal: to draw you, the listener, more deeply into
a musical performance or a film. For music the CP-1 uses unique digital
processing to re-create either the original recording space or a new one of
your choosing. For films it offers an extremely accurate version of Dolby Pro
Logic Surround decoding and our own decoding for monaural film sound-
tracks. The increase in impact of a musical performance or film when heard
with the CP-1 is enormous, especially when widely spaced multiple loud-
speakers are provided, but even without additional loudspeakers signifi-
cant gains are made.
To re-create the experience of being at a performance the CP-1 draws on
recent studies of concert-hall acoustics, and applies this research to home
listening rooms. The object is to increase the sideways-moving sound in a
room, thus increasing Spatial Impression, or SI.
The CP-1 increases SI by either extracting it from the original recording,
using the Panorama or Surround programs, or by generating a new acoustic
environment with Ambience or Reverb.
When a listener is in the correct spot the Panorama program provides an
almost ideal re-creation of the original recording space. It works by using
digital processing to cancel the crosstalk between the listener's ears, effec-
tively spreading the sound from the two front loudspeakers in a wide arc in
front of the listener. With the optional addition of rear speakers, Panorama
can be almost spooky in its realism.
The CP-1 Reverb and Ambience programs provide signals for driving
widely spaced side and rear loudspeakers, directly exciting sideways
sound and heightening the listener impact over a large listening area.
(When there are no side speakers, Panorama is used to increase the side-
ways sound from the main speakers.)
The Ambience and Reverberation programs transform the listening room
into a new acoustic space, letting you choose an environment which
matches your music or your mood. Unlike some previous hall simulators,
the CP-1 provides full stereo processing. The Ambience program generates
the side and rear reflection patterns of idealized rooms and concert halls.
The larger spaces add the true depth and realism of a concert hall to classical
and popular music, while the smaller spaces are ideal for jazz and rock. The
Reverberation program is similar, but places more emphasis on rich, dense
reverberant decay than on early reflections. It is especially good for
simulating large, highly reverberant spaces.
For films encoded with Dolby Stereo, Lexicon has incorporated into the
CP-1 the first completely digital Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder, and the
only one with automatic correction of azimuth and channel-balance errors
(the most common problems in currently available films). The CP-1 also
provides a program for playing music through a Surround speaker set-up
(Stereo Logic), and a program for expanding monaural film sound tracks
(Mono Logic).