Uniden D17882T Cordless Telephone User Manual

English - 22
Solving Problems
Audio issues Possible solutions
Callers sound
weak or soft.
x Move the handset closer to the base or Range Extender.
x Keep the handset’s battery fully charged.
x Increase the earpiece volume.
There is noise/
static on the
cordless handset.
x Check for interference from appliances (microwave
ovens, TVs, etc.) or wireless devices (baby monitors, WiFi
equipment, etc.). Move the handset or base away from the
interference source.
x If you use a telecoil hearing aid, turn on T-coil mode in the
Handset Setup
menu. T-coil mode shortens talk time, so
keep your battery fully charged.
x If you have any service that uses the phone line, add a DSL
or telephone line filter (see page 23).
Caller ID problems Possible solutions
Caller ID information does
not display.
x Let calls ring twice before answering.
x Make sure your Caller ID service is active.
Caller ID displays briefly
and then clears.
x You may have to change the line mode. Contact
Customer Service for instructions.
Multistation problems Possible solutions
I can’t transfer calls. x Reset all the stations (seepage 23).
Two handsets can’t talk to a caller. x See if any station is in Privacy Mode.
A handset says
x Move the handset closer to the base.
x See if any station is in Privacy Mode.
x Reset the handset (see page 24).
I can’t register a new handset
(handset says “Not registered.”)
x Reset the handset (see page 24).
x See if you have 12 registered handsets.
Answering system problems Possible solutions
The answering system does not
x Make sure the answering system is on.
x Make sure the base is plugged in.
The system won't record
x See if
Record Time
is set to
Announce Only
x Delete messages (memory may be full).
A handset can't access the
answering system.
x See if another handset is using the system.
x Make sure the phone is in standby.