Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Important Information for Safe Use (continued)
Check the regulations affecting the use of hands-free devices where you drive. Only
use the Headset when and where it is safe to do so.
Operation in Special Environments
Medical equipment and hospitals: Due to the risk of interference with medical
equipment, do not use the Headset or a mobile phone nearby without permission.
Aircraft: To avoid interference with communication systems, turn the Headset OFF
when required to do so by airline regulations. Never use the Headset while in the air.
If you are unsure if radio-transmitting equipment is allowed in any area, seek
authorization before turning the Headset ON.
Only use the charger supplied with the Headset to charge the product to avoid risk of
damage or personal injury.
The charger can only be disconnected by unplugging, so it is recommended to only
use a power socket easily accessible.