Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Operation Modes
Operation Modes
PIN Code: Keep the 4-digit PIN code information supplied with the Headset in a safe
place. It is unique to your Headset. It will be needed for pairing.
The Headset supports these modes of operation:
OFF—the Headset is off and cannot receive or make a connection.
STANDBY—the Headset is ready to receive or make a connection from a paired device
within range.
INCOMING CALL—the Headset is ready to answer a call being received.
TALK—the Headset is actively connected to another device and communication can
be made, after answering or initiating a call.
PAIRING—this is a special mode used to “pair” the Headset ready for use with a
companion device such as a mobile phone.
CHARGING—the Headset can be charged by connecting the charger supplied.