Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Operation (continued)
Preparing the Headset for Use—Pairing
PIN Code: The PIN code for the Headset is preset to 1234. It will be needed for pairing.
Before the Headset can communicate, it must be paired to the companion device it will
be used with, such as a mobile phone. This is to ensure the Headset only communicates
with the device chosen by the user and not any other Bluetooth devices in range.
Pairing information is stored by the Headset and can be changed at any time.
The exact process to pair the Headset will also depend on the device it is paired with.
The user manual for that device will give instructions on how to do this. In all cases,
the Headset will need to be put into PAIRING mode, which is described here:
1. If the Headset is on, switch it off.
2. Press and hold the main button.
3. When the short tone is heard, keep the button pressed until the pairing melody
is generated.