Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Refer to the “Important Information for Safe Use” section above for important safety
information before use.
Charging Before First Use
The Headset will not be fully charged when it is unpacked. It is recommended to
place it on charge for five hours before first use; the charging section describes how
to do this.
Wearing the Headset
The Headset can be worn on either ear, by changing the orientation of the ear hook.
To remove the ear hook, carefully lever it from the back of the Headset by hand.
The ear hook can be replaced either way up. Note the indentation in the center to
properly orient the ear hook on the Headset.
With the user controls facing the user and the LED at the top, the closed loop of the
ear hook should “point” right for operation on the right ear, and left for the left ear.
To place on the ear, hold the Headset in the hand and push the open end of the
hook slightly away from the Headset body.