Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Operation (continued)
4. The LED will alternately flash red/green.
5. Follow instructions for the companion device to pair to the Headset.
6. When prompted on the companion device, enter the PIN code for the Headset.
7. When paired, the Headset will give a short confirmation tone and switch to STANDBY,
ready for operation.
Receiving and Ending a Call
To receive a call, the Headset must be in STANDBY mode.
When a call is received, the Headset will generate a ringing signal in the earpiece.
The call may be answered by a short press of the main button.
The connection will be made to the companion device, and in the case of a mobile
phone, the call will be answered.
During a call, when in TALK mode, the microphone may be muted and un-muted by a
medium press of the main button.
A short press of the main button will end a call.
If the Headset is muted, it is necessary to un-mute with a medium button press
before ending the call. This avoids accidentally ending a call when trying to un-mute.