Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Operation (continued)
Initiating a Call
When in STANDBY mode, a short press will initiate a connection to the
companion device.
For example, this could be used to initiate a call with a mobile phone.
During a call, when in TALK mode, the microphone may be muted and un-muted
by a medium press of the main button.
A short press of the main button will end a call.
If the Headset is muted, it is necessary to un-mute with a medium button press
before ending the call. This avoids accidentally ending a call when trying to un-mute.
Operation—In and Out of Range
The Headset is designed for use within a few meters of the companion device, typically
a range of up to 10 meters can be expected. When approaching the limit of usable
range, short breaks may be heard in the audio.
If the Headset moves out of range during a call, the connection will be terminated and
the Headset will return to STANDBY mode.