Belkin F8V9017 Bluetooth Headset User Manual

Operation (continued)
Battery Status
The LED will flash in TALK, muted, and STANDBY mode. When the battery has adequate
charge, this will be with a green color, changing to red when the battery is low.
The Headset is supplied with a charger to recharge the internal battery. Do not attempt
to use any other charger and refer to the “Important Information for Safe Use” section
above for important safety information.
To charge, plug the charger into an available AC supply socket and plug the small
connector on the charging lead into the matching socket near the microphone.
The Headset is normally charged in OFF or STANDBY modes. Charging is not active in
TALK mode.
With the Headset turned OFF, the LED will show a steady red indication until the
Headset is charged.
If the Headset is in any other mode when connected to the charger, the LED flashing
sequence does not change, but the LED color will indicate the charge status.