AT&T CRL81212 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Technical specifications
Operation Operating time*
Talk time (cordless handset) Up to seven hours
Talk time (cordless handset speakerphone) Up to five hours
Standby Up to six days
* Operating times vary depending on your actual use and the age of the battery.
DECT 6.0 digital technology
The AT&T DECT 6.0 products offer unsurpassed range performance and sound clarity. This is
achieved through a unique antenna design and advances in noise-filtering technology. An
independent laboratory has confirmed that AT&T DECT 6.0 products perform up to 45% better in
range competitions against similarly equipped phones of the leading competition. Now, calls can be
taken in the basement, backyard and garage with exceptional sound quality.
Telephone operating range
This cordless telephone operates within the maximum power allowed by the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC). Even so, this handset and telephone base can communicate
over a certain distance — which can vary with the locations of the telephone base and handset, the
weather, and the construction of your home or office.
Redefining long range coverage and clarity
This telephone base comes with an antenna which gives much better clarity and covers a longer
range than before.
HD audio
HD audio improves sound quality by expanding and rebuilding frequencies that are lost with
traditional phone calls. There is no additional telephone service requirement to use HD audio. It
is designed to work with standard telephone service. Your system will automatically enhance all
received sound with HD audio.
RF frequency band 1921.536MHz - 1928.448MHz
Channels 5
Operating temperature 32°F - 122°F
0°C - 50°C
Telephone base voltage
(AC voltage, 60Hz)
96Vrms - 130Vrms
Telephone base voltage
(AC adapter output)
6VAC @ 300mA
Handset voltage 2.4VDC - 3.2VDC
Charger voltage
(AC adapter output)
6VAC @ 300mA