AT&T CRL81212 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone operation
Options while on calls
Blind transfer
While on an outside call, you can transfer it to a specific handset or any
handset. This feature is not available for model CRL81112 unless you purchase
an accessory handset (AT&T model CRL80112).
To transfer an outside call directly without notifying the desired handset:
1. During the call, press MENU/SELECT.
2. Press MENU/SELECT to choose >Transfer.
If you have a two-handset system, the outside call is put on hold and your
handset screen shows Transferring call.... The other handset rings and its
screen shows Transfer from other handset.
If you have more than two handsets, your screen shows TRANSFER TO:.
Use the dialing keys to eenter a specific handset number (1-9 for handsets
1-9, TONE followed by 0-2 for handsets 10-12, or TONE followed by #
for all handsets), or presspress qCID or pDIR to scroll to the desired handset
and press MENU/SELECT. The outside call is put on hold and your handset
screen shows Transferring call... or Transferring call to all.... The other
handset(s) rings and shows Transfer from HANDSET X (X represents the
handset number).
3. To answer the call on the destination handset, press, press PHONE/FLASH,
/SPEA�ERSPEA�ER, any dialing key (0-9, TONE , or #). The original handset
shows Call transferred and goes to idle mode.
To cancel the transfer and return to the external call before the blind transfer call is answered, press
OFF/CANCEL on your handset.
If the other handset does not answer the transfer within 30 seconds, the transfer ends and the
original handset rings while showing No response to transfer. If the original handset does not pick
up within 30 seconds, the handset returns to idle mode and the outside call ends.