AT&T CRL81212 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone operation
Options while on calls
Audio Assist®
The Audio Assist® feature makes voices sound louder and clearer.
To turn the Audio Assist® feature on:
Press AUDIO ASSIST® while you are on a call using the handset. The screen
shows Audio assist on and the
To turn the Audio Assist® feature off:
Press AUDIO ASSIST® again, the screen shows Audio assist off. This feature is
also turned off automatically after you hang up.
Temporary tone dialing
If you have pulse (rotary) service only, you can switch from pulse to touch-tone
dialing temporarily during a call. This is useful if you need to send touch-tone
signals to access your telephone banking or long distance services.
1. During a call, press TONE .
2. Use the dialing keys to enter the desired number. The telephone sends
touch-tone signals.
3. The telephone automatically returns to pulse dialing after you end the call.
Audio Assist
is a registered trademark of Advanced American Telephones.