AT&T CRL81212 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Caller ID
Caller ID operation
View dialing options
Although the incoming caller ID log entries have 10
digits (the area code plus the seven-digit number), in
some areas, you might need to dial only the seven
digits, 1 plus the seven digits, or 1 plus the area code
plus the seven digits. You can change and store the
number of digits that you dial in the caller ID log.
While reviewing the caller ID log, press # (pound key)
repeatedly to show different dialing options for local
and long distance numbers before dialing or saving
the telephone number in the directory.
Press 1 repeatedly if you need to add or remove 1 in front of the telephone
number before dialing or saving it in the directory.
When the number is in the correct format for dialing, press PHONE/FLASH or
/SPEA�ERSPEA�ER to call the number.
To save the number to the directory, see Save a caller ID log entry to the
directory on the next page.
Dial a caller ID log entry
1. When in the caller ID log, press qCID or DIRp to browse.
2. Press PHONE/FLASH or /SPEA�ERSPEA�ER to dial the displayed entry.
Delete caller ID log entries
To delete an entry:
Press MUTE/DELETE to delete the shown entry.
To delete all entries:
1. Press MENU/SELECT when in idle mode.
2. Press qCID or pDIR to scroll to >Caller ID log, then press MENU/SELECT.
3. Press qCID or pDIR to scroll to >Del all calls, then press
4. When the screen shows Delete all calls?, press
MENU/SELECT to confirm. There is a confirmation tone
and the screen returns to the previous menu.
Press #
Press 1
>Del all calls