VTech DS6101 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
Add and register a handset
Each newly purchased handset (DS6101) must be registered to the
telephone base (DS6151) before use. When first purchased, each
expansion handset shows
Press [HOLD] on base for 4 sec, then press [#]
on handset
. You may need to charge the handset before registering to the
telephone base. For more details on battery charging, see the table on
page 2.
To make registration easier, read all of the instructions on this page before
you begin.
To register a handset:
Place the unregistered handset in the telephone base. If Press [HOLD]
on base for 4 sec, then press [#] on handset does not appear on the
handset screen after a few seconds, remove the handset and place it in
the telephone base again.
Press and hold HOLD on the telephone base for about four seconds until
the telephone base displays Registering handset. While the handset
is still in the telephone base, press
(pound key) on the handset. The
handset shows Registering... Please wait and it takes up to 60 seconds
to complete the registration. The handset and the telephone base show
HANDSET X Registered (X represents the handset number assigned)
and you hear a beep when the registration completes.
When the registration is complete, the newly registered handset is assigned
the next available handset registration number. For instance, if you already
have HANDSET, the next registered handset will be HANDSET 2. Then your
first handset will be renamed as HANDSET 1.
If the registration fails, the handset shows Registration failed. To reset the
handset, remove the handset from the telephone base and place it back in.
Try the registration process again.
You cannot register a handset if any other system handset is in use.
Only one handset can be registered at a time.