VTech DS6101 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Operating range
This cordless telephone operates with the maximum power allowed by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC). Even so, this handset and telephone base can communicate over only a certain
distance - which can vary with the locations of the telephone base and handset, the weather, and the
layout of your home or office.
When the handset is out of range, the handset displays Out of range OR no power at base.
If there is a call while the handset is out of range, it may not ring, or if it does ring, the call may not
connect well when you press or . Move closer to the telephone base, then press or to
answer the call.
If the handset moves out of range during a telephone conversation, there may be interference.
improve reception, move closer to the telephone base.
Taking care of your telephone
Your cordless telephone contains sophisticated electronic parts, so it must be treated with care.
Avoid rough treatment
Place the handset down gently. Save the original packing materials to protect your telephone if
you ever need to ship it.
Avoid water
Your telephone can be damaged if it gets wet. Do not use the handset outdoors in the rain, or
handle it with wet hands. Do not install the telephone base near a sink, bathtub or shower.
Electrical storms
Electrical storms can sometimes cause power surges harmful to electronic equipment. For your
own safety, take caution when using electrical appliances during storms.
Cleaning your telephone
Your telephone has a durable plastic casing that should retain its luster for many years. Clean
it only with a soft cloth slightly dampened with water or a mild soap. Do not use excess water or
cleaning solvents of any kind.
Remember that electrical appliances can cause serious injury if used when you are wet or
standing in the water. If the telephone base should fall into the water, DO NOT RETRIEVE IT
Then remove the telephone by the unplugged cords.