Uniden LTD1025 Two-Way Radio User Manual

Multi-Function Keys
4. WX (Weather) - This key is used to switch between monitoring
weather channels and communication channels. This key is also
used to activate the Weather Alert Mode.
• Press WX to switch between weather and communication
• Press and hold WX to turn the Weather Alert Mode On/Off.
5. 16/9 - This key is used to instantly access Channel 16 and
Channel 9 communications. This key is also used to access
Triple Watch, and when used in conjunction with MEM, this key
lets you change between Channel Modes of Operation.
• Press 16/9 to access instant Channel 16/Channel 9
• Press and hold 16/9 to turn Triple Watch On/Off.
• Press MEM, then press 16/9 to switch between US,
International or Canada Channel Modes.
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