Uniden LTD1025 Two-Way Radio User Manual

To cancel Channel 16/Channel 9 communications:
• Press 16/9 until previous channel setting appears.
• Press WX.
Weather Scan
To scan only Weather Channels 0 - 9, press WX, and then press and
hold STEP. The WX indicator will appear on the LCD Panel, indicating
Weather Mode.
To exit from Weather Scanning:
• Press and hold STEP to end scan.
• Press 16/9 to change to Channel 16/Channel 9 communications.
• Press WX to change to standard channel communications.
US/International/Canadian Channels
To select operation (communication and scanning) on US Channels,
press MEM, then press 16/9 while holding MEM. U (USA),
I (International), or C (Canadian) will appear on the LCD Panel.
Select the appropriate mode for operation.
MEM (Entering channel numbers into Memory Scan)
You can enter channels into Memory Scan for instant scanning at any
time. When a channel is selected for Memory Scan, the MEM indicator
will appear on the LCD display.
To enter a channel number into Memory Scan, select the channel
number you want stored by pressing the CHANNEL / button, and
then press MEM.
Note: In order for all functions of the OCEANUS to work properly, at
least two channel numbers must be entered into Memory Scan
before operating the radio.
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