Uniden LTD1025 Two-Way Radio User Manual

When the power is turned on, the transmitter is set for 25 Watts (except
for USA Channels 13 and 67, and CANADA channels 13, 15, 17 and
20). The HI indicator will appear on the LCD Panel, indicating 25 Watt
output power. In order to comply with FCC Regulations contained in 47
CFR 80.215 (g) (3), USA Channels 13 and 67 transmit at 1 Watt
regardless of the H/L selector setting. However, 25 Watt output for
emergency use is available by pressing H/L while pressing the PTT
switch. When the H/L switch is released, the radio returns to the
1 Watt position.
To switch to the LO (1 Watt) position, press H/L. The LO indicator will
appear on the LCD Panel, indicating 1 Watt output power. The LO
position should always be used for in-port or short range
Press H/L to switch to the HI (25 Watt) position. The HI indicator will
appear on the LCD Panel, indicating 25 Watt output power.
To activate the transmitter, press the PTT switch on the microphone.
The TX indicator appears on the LCD Panel, indicating a signal is being
transmitted. Release the switch to receive. When transmitting, hold the
microphone approximately two inches from your mouth and speak
clearly in a normal voice.
Note: You cannot transmit on Weather Channels 0 - 9 or Channel 15.
The Channel Number in the LCD Panel will blink to indicate
these channels are “receive-only”.
Dimming the LCD Display Backlight
When the OCEANUS is turned on, the LCD Panel will be brightest.
Pressing the MEM and H/L buttons will change the brightness.
The last setting will remain in memory. When you turn on the radio the
next time, the display will be at this setting.
Transmitter Time-Out
If the PTT switch on your microphone is held for more than 5-minutes,
the OCEANUS transmitter automatically shuts off, a warning tone
sounds, and the TX indicator begins to flash. This prevents damage to
your receiver, and – in the event that the transmission is unintentional –
communication frequencies will not be jammed.
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